The Ultimate Guide to Promoting a Udemy Course and other Content

Promoting a Udemy course

An eCourse is just another type of content

I’ve been creating online content for over a decade now and one of the questions most asked is, “How and where do I promote my content.”

I see that question asked in nearly every group or forum that I participate in and while there are tons of answers, there are some best practices that will work for most types of content every time.

One of my latest ventures is to develop an ecourse and host it on Udemy. One of the steps to joining Udemy is to also join the Udemy Studio which is their private Facebook Group. After doing so, I was amazed at how many instructors were asking the question, “how do I promote my course?”

An ecourse is just another type of online content so the practices of promoting it are the same with most other types of online content.

So, the purpose of this post is to share my best advice to get your course, or any type of content, in front of the eyes of the people that will appreciate it.

Things to consider before you get started promoting

While it is true that an ecourse is just another type of online content, it will take several types of content to promote it.

Don’t let that scare you off, take it as a challenge. In order to maximize your promotion efforts, you will need to create several types of content such as images, snippets, videos, audios, articles, pdf’s, ebooks, infographics, etc.

As a longtime content marketer, I can tell you that a single long form article of about 1000 words can be spun into roughly 10 to 15 pieces of content as mentioned above.

The article itself can and should be spun into 5 similar articles ranging between 500 and 800 words, several videos, and a dozen or so images and graphics you should be using to spread across all social media platforms.

Tools you should be using

Most computers now have built-in cameras and microphones that you should utilize to create short videos, even if they are just reading off the articles you just wrote.

You could use free open source software to create your content. I’m using LibreOffice which is very similar to OpenOffice and Microsoft Office. All three of these have similar tools to write content or produce slides for presentations and more.

You should find some free software to do screen captures. I’m using FlashBack express but there are many others you can search for.

You should be using sites like Canva and to make alter images, graphics, and infographics.

Where to promote your courses and content

Youtube – Create your own Youtube channel and start posting videos related to your niche and course. Advertise your course in these videos but giving advice on how to solve a problem work best. This also helps you as an instructor by giving you practice in front of a camera as your students will be impressed by your confidence.

Your own blog posts – Hopefully you have a blog to promote your niche. You should take every opportunity to promote your content and your courses on your own platform where you have the most control.

Guest blog posts – By submitting posts on popular blogs as a guest poster you will be able to attract that blogs visitors back to your own content.

Reddit and Sub-Reddits – Find Reddits and Sub-Reddits related to your niche where you can add to the conversations and links to your content.

Forums – Find forums relevant to your niche and start participating in the conversations. Look for forums that allow you to create a signature that appears on each of your posts and in that signature, link back to your course landing page or your content on your blog.

Freebie Sites – There are literally hundreds of freebie sites where the owners allow you to post links to a freebie. This is where you will post coupons to your Udemy courses.

Udemy Facebook Groups – Udemy Studio is great but there are many other Facebook groups where you should join and follow their rules for posting your coupon codes for your Udemy courses.

LinkedIn – Submitting posts on LinkedIn Pulse and finding groups related to your niche are great ways to connect with other LinkedIn members and find Influencers that may also promote your content.

Twitter – This is a great place to post links to your content and courses. Promoting coupon codes can go viral here.

Pinterest – Create several images and upload them to your personal boards as well as several group boards related to your niche. Make sure to optimize the description with keywords because Pinterest is one of the best search engines out there.

StumbleUpon – This is a great way to get your content found by thousands of would-be visitors. You might want to consider running some paid discovery options that fit into your budget. But before you start a paid campaign, make sure your course or content landing page is optimized for conversions.

Facebook – This should really be at the top of the list but by joining relevant groups where you can promote your content works best. Start your own Facebook groups and pages, run your own Facebook live videos, and consider running Facebook ad campaigns.

Periscope – This is another live video service but you can use your screen capture software to record your periscope and then edit it into several pieces of content and cross promote over many social media sources.

Google + – Join relevant groups and post links to your courses and content. Hold Google Hangouts which can be very similar to holding a webinar. Invite contacts from relevant groups and they can become your best promoters.

Quora – Participate on Quora and other Q&A type sites where you can post links to your courses and content.

SlideShare – Find sites where you can share your presentations and slides. Make sure to optimize with keywords and links to your content landing pages.

File Share – These are sites where you can share pdf’s you create with your presentation slides, images, graphics, and other written content. Again, make sure to optimize with keywords and links to your course landing page.

Press Release – Draft up a press release using best practices. There are several free sites to post these but the paid options give you the best ROI as they allow dofollow links back your courses and content.

Email Lists – Hopefully you are constantly growing your own email list. It is very true that promoting to people that are already following you will maximize your benefits.

Ebooks – Write and publish ebooks on Amazon Kindle and as free content where you can submit to freebie sites or use and opt-in offers on your own sites to help grow your list. Allow and encourage people to share your ebooks with their contacts to maximize exposure.


What else can you do?

Glad you asked. Promoting and marketing your courses and content is a never-ending effort. This is especially true if you want to earn from your creations.

The above list of promotion advice can and should be used over and over again with many pieces of content.

The blog over at Kissmetrics has a post there that can be very beneficial to content promoters and course instructors. It is called: 17 Advanced Methods for Promoting Your New Piece of Content

This post guides you through the process of getting Influencers to help promote your content. And, if you didn’t know, an influencer is an individual that can have a huge impact within a specific niche. These are the people that are considered the “go to” people within their industry.

Getting an influencer on your side is like printing money.


What is your best advice?

I’m sure many of you have your own tips on promoting and probably something that I haven’t covered above. If this is you, please share your best advice in the comments below.


Good luck on promoting your courses and content.

  • Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been thinking about doing an ecourse and needed some advice. I will be pinning and sharing this post.

    • My pleasue… as I said above, how to promote my course is the most asked question by new course instructors.

  • Colleen Wool

    I have always wanted to create an ecourse. Now with your information i know ho to go about it, thanks.

    • Go for it. An ecourse is just another form of content that can spin off in to hundreds of pieces of content and as a blogger, that is the jackpot.

  • This is really great advice! I don’t think an ecourse would be for me, but I’ve thought of creating an ebook.

    • I don’t know, I’m sure there are plenty of young ladies out there that would want to start their own beauty blog but have no clue on where to start, who to connect with or find sponsorship ops. Seems like it would be wide open and ready for an ecourse.

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