10 eCourse Ideas for Travel Bloggers

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What is a travel blog?

I know you came looking for eCourse ideas for travel bloggers and I will get to them but I want to discuss a few things about travel blogs in general.  If you can’t wait, the ideas are listed below.

Ask 10 travel bloggers that question and you’re likely to get 10 different answers.  That’s because it all depends on the bloggers unique point of view.

It could be a travel diary of places the blogger visits, or it could be a very detailed guide on specific destinations such as where to stay, when and what to see, and where to eat and more.

It could also be a photo journal that puts the viewer right there along with the blogger.

One thing for sure, a travel blog is more of a lifestyle blog written and photographed through the lens of a person that enjoys travel.

A travel blog is the first choice of consumers that are researching domestic and international destinations for recreation and for business.  As such, they usually outrank other forms of lifestyle blogs.

Travel is something most people are interested in which is why most lifestyle blogs have a travel category.

How do I get traffic to my travel blog?

Ah… that’s the question ALL bloggers ask and the easy answer is to diversify your efforts.  You will need fresh travel related content on your blog, you will also need to grow your social media accounts, write guest posts on other travel blogs, run contests, but one thing a travel blogger can do to really drive traffic is to get an article featured in a feature magazine.

Travel writing is huge and magazines are always on the hunt for fresh perspectives. Getting featured is just part of the total equation because if you don’t have relevant and fresh content on your blog it’s not going to help you much.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Google will probably be your main source of traffic but only if you write useful and attractive content. Write lists (10 must things to do in Shanghai, 5 day itinerary in Aruba, 12 best restaurants in San Francisco) and really useful posts (Half off car rental codes, 5 star hotel negotiation for a 3 star price, Travel hack your way into first class for the price of coach.) Also, do your keyword research for each post to maximize your ranking in the search engines.
  • Social media is an ever evolving experiment. What works well on Facebook may not work as well on Google+.  Images on Pinterest may not be as popular if used on Twitter.  Headlines are super important for Stumble Upon and Reddit.  There is no magic bullet but there must be a daily effort to reach out on each of the social platforms.
  • Guest posting on other travel blogs that have a higher ranking and social reach than your own is a great way to siphon some traffic back to your blog. Allowing lower ranking travel blogs with a growing social network to guest post on your blog is also a good way to reach new traffic sources.
  • Run a contest through Traffic Copter or Gleam. Giveaway a travel related product such as travel cushions, luggage scale, or a pair of noise canceling headphones.  Any product valued between $25 and $100.  The higher the value the longer you run the contest.  Don’t use gift cards as the prize because then you attract people that may or may not be interested in travel issues.  You want to target people interested in travel.
  • Travel writing for a feature magazine is a great way to get noticed by avid travelers. Being featured in a magazine establishes a sense of authority and trust which puts your blog on the fast track for traffic.

How do I monetize my travel blog?

This is probably the second most asked question from those starting a travel blog but the answer is the same for most other blogs.  Build trust and great content first so your posts can be found naturally in the search engines.

While you’re waiting on the organic traffic to build, you should also start building your email list.  Even a small list and be beneficial but of course the larger it is the more opportunities you have to market to your list.

Find affiliate merchants that have products you would recommend.  Travel Sites and Auto Rental Sites can be good but a better place to start is with Amazon who has just about any product you can think of.  Other affiliate programs you might want to consider are booking.com, tripadvisor.com and Agoda.

You could also buy and sell direct ad space.  Selling takes time for you to build up a reasonable amount of monthly traffic.  There is no set limit but in my experience it isn’t worth the effort until you can maintain at least 250 unique visits per day.  Buying ad space on other sites is a bit tricky and may take some experimenting.  I’ve purchased a direct ad space on a site that was getting 80,000 page views per day and one on a site that was getting 2000 views per day.  In the 2 weeks that I ran that experiment, I received 12 clicks from the higher traffic site and 48 clicks from the lower traffic site.  My mistake was in not selecting the site with the better social engagement.

Two more ways to monetize your blog is with an eBook and with an eCourse.  An eBook can be used as a giveaway enticement to join your list but it could also contain some affiliate links which will bring in some revenue.  An eCourse can either be paid for or free.  The paid for option will bring in the most revenue if you correctly market it.  A free eCourse can also be an enticement to join your list and also contain affiliate links that will bring in some revenue.

And now what you came her for:

10 eCourse Ideas for Travel Bloggers

  1. How to become a travel hacker
  2. How to prepare for international travel
  3. How to get the most out of a staycation
  4. How to become a Travel Agent
  5. How to become a travel Guide
  6. How to get the most out of solo travel
  7. How to set up and monetize a Travel Blog
  8. How to become a travel photographer
  9. How to become a travel Youtuber or Videographer
  10. How to become a travel foodie or food critic

I hope you can find some use of these ecourse ideas as well as the information I talked about to grow your traffic and monetize your blogs.

If you have anything you would like to add the please do so in the comments below.






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      Useful and relevant content is the key to forming trust and community within a blog… I hope I’m achieving that with these lists and advice.

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      Thanks… tell him that video travel vlogs are killing it too but if bloggin is his choice, a Youtube channel can really drive in the traffic.

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