10 eCourse Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

lifestyle bloggers

What is a lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog is what we call in the blogosphere as a non-niche blog.  It is one where the blogger might write about their favorite skin care product on one day, and a detailed tutorial on how to paint photos with Photoshop the next. You can see why it could be too difficult to gain a dedicated following with such polar opposite topics.

This type of blogging is what most people are drawn to when they don’t want to be pigeonholed to a singular niche.  It gives the blogger the freedom to share all of his or her interests instead of only writing around a singular topic.

Instead, their niche is actually a commentary on their life as they see it from their unique point of view.  We’re all different but many of us can and often do relate better to people that share a common goal or desires.

Many lifestyle blogs evolved from mommy blogs because there was a need to grow and expand beyond the confines of just being recognized for motherhood.  The successful ones learned the ropes of content creation, specifically what works and what doesn’t work.

When I say “unique point of view,” I’m talking about how these bloggers experience their everyday life struggles and successes.  Some examples of a unique point of view include:

  • Urban or suburban living
  • Country, rural, or farm living
  • Single or Newlywed living
  • College or new career life
  • Frugal or Thrifty living
  • Faith-based living
  • Nomadic living
  • Blended family living
  • Extended family living
  • Regional living (Southern, Western, East Coast, West Coast, etc.)
  • And any other kind of lifestyle you can think of

Within these different forms of lifestyle blogs are a myriad of categories the bloggers choose to write in.  They write in these categories because they are important in maintaining a healthy and happy life.

Some of these categories include:

Family                                  Food

Travel                                  Health

Fitness                                 Marriage

Kids                                     Parenting

Fashion                                Finances/Budgeting

Home Décor                         Frugality and Thrift

Time Management                Diy and Crafting

What can help make these blogs successful?

I’m glad you asked.  The key to success in this type of blogging is to be true to you.  What I mean is, use your real voice.  Take a moment and read through ALL of your site’s primary content; the About page, Homepage, post offerings, etc.

Does it flow like you would normally speak, or does it sound and feel a little off?  It has to sound true to your real voice because if it sounds off to you it will sound off to your readers.  Take this approach with all of your content including your social media presence too.

Monetize your content

Most lifestyle bloggers use a variation of methods to monetize their blogs.  Some create and sell eBooks, many use affiliate sales and others rely on sponsored posts and being brand ambassadors.  Just make sure that when creating content, you’re talking to and not at your readers.  Don’t sound like a commercial.

Very few have created an eCourse so it seems this is a wide open avenue for monetization. Probably because very few lifestyle bloggers know where to begin or have self-doubting worries on what they could teach.

It only takes a little bit of brainstorming on your part to come up with several ideas.  I’m not a lifestyle blogger but I’ve come up with 10 eCourse ideas that you can take and expand upon to create your very own eCourse.

Here are my eCourse ideas for lifestyle bloggers:

  1. Teach how to live a faith-based life – Whether you’re a Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Wiccan, or any other faith, or even if you’re Agnostic or Atheist; somebody is willing to learn how to be the same.
  2. Teach how to cook foods from your region – Every region of this country, or any country for that matter, has a unique way of preparing meals. What makes your region different?
  3. Teach how to make and keep a budget – Whether it’s for a business or the household everyone needs to know how to prioritize their finances and balance their books, sadly prioritizing is what can also get people into financial troubles.
  4. Teach the intricacies of home décor and trends from your region – Shabby chic is completely different than modern minimalist. If you already know this then you could probably teach others.
  5. Teach a DIY series on repurposing furniture – Maybe you know how to take an old entertainment center and turn it into a hall tree. Or maybe you know how to take some wood pallets and create some patio seating. Or just maybe, you know how to repurpose an old crib.
  6. Teach how to maintain a healthy life – How to transition to a vegetarian or create paleo diet meal plans or if you can relate, try a meal plan for diabetics.
  7. Teach fitness classes for a certain age group – Here’s a big ticket idea… make 15-minute workout videos for each day of the week. Make them so your students can exercise at home and offer affiliate links to certain equipment they might need to follow along. Think P90X, Zumba, kickboxing, or Tai Chi.
  8. Teach fashion lessons for a certain gender/age group – Show your students what’s in and what’s out for each season. Teach them how to find out for themselves, or teach them how to make their own fashions.
  9. Teach Time management skills/relaxation skills/meditation skills – Goal setting, prioritizing, planning, communicating, self-motivation, and maintaining focus are all skills that are in demand to be learned.
  10. Teach how to travel on a budget – Train your students in the hidden value of frequent flier points and loyalty programs to fly for free or get free hotel nights, meals and tours. Teach your students to become travel ninjas.

These were just off the top of my head and they all fall in line with categories that are commonly found on lifestyle blogs.

What Now?

This is where you can take action and move towards the goal of creating an eCourse.  Click here to grab my free email course on how to create an eCourse.  This will help explain how to narrow down your focus, reach out to your optimal student, what needs to be included in your course, and how to put it all together.

When you’re ready to put it all together, I recommend going over and signing up with Thinkific which is one of the eCourse platforms I wrote about in this post.  It is also the platform that I’m using to create my eCourses.

You can start Thinkific for free and you can upgrade at any time to get more features such as being able to use PayPal as a payment gateway instead of the Stripe only feature on the free option.  Click here to compare the features and pricing options.

If you’re not ready to create an eCourse you can always bookmark this post and come back when you want to.  I’d ask you to comment below if you can think of any other eCourse ideas that would benefit lifesyle bloggers.  And, if you can, use the share buttons floating on the left, I’m sure there are several lifestyle bloggers in your social networks.

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  • This sounds like a great idea! I blogged mostly about beauty and had expanded my niche to lifestyle. This makes me intrigued. I’ll look into this ecourse ideas for sure. Thanks for sharing!

    • e-coursesxyz

      You’re welcome. Many of us start off with a good idea for blogging and lifestyle blogging seems like the right fit for most that don’t want to be pigeonholed to one niche.

  • This has always been confusing for me personally. I started writing about fashion but then my other interests came through. I write about fashion, pets, beauty, food, empowerment, etc and so on. I AM a lifestyle blogger indeed, even if the title of my blog has the word fashion in it.

    • e-coursesxyz

      Absolutely… fashion can be a lifestyle for some. The world around us seems different based on our unique point of view. Some see things differently as a fashionista than say a sports enthusiast.

      • Indeed. I enjoy advocating for human rights, writing empowerment articles, and writing about things to inspire others. Fashion is a good venue to get toward the audience that I want those messages to reach most.

  • Emma Oxley

    Lifestyle bloggers tend not to fit into a specific niche so it’s great to have e-courses that focus on lots of different aspects. I think budgeting will always be a popular topic as will faith so they’re always good places to start.

    • e-coursesxyz

      Oh yes, the ideas for courses for lifestyle bloggers is wide open.

  • Lois C-Shabazz

    Appreciate your eCourse suggestions. I will post my eCourse when I get it done, still trying to figure out the best way.

    • e-coursesxyz

      Thank you.

  • I’ll have to check out these eCourses. I’d say my blog was lifestyle since I write about all sorts of subjects.

    • e-coursesxyz

      Sounds like it probably is.

  • Renee Franklin

    Those are some great ideas! I bookmarked this post so I can come back to it. This would be another great way to monetize for me. I just have to wait until I have a little more time to do it.

    • e-coursesxyz

      Great but you can always jot down some notes here and there so you don’t have to consume it all at once.

  • Brandi Kennedy

    You came through quick with that list – and I think you’ll be happy to see that I did see something that perked my interest. You may just win me over yet.

    • e-coursesxyz

      I aim to please… 🙂 Plus, a lot of my inspiration comes from my commenters.

      • Brandi Kennedy

        A sign of a good blogger, I think.

  • Sara Normand

    My blog fits into this lifestyle category! I’m always looking for news ways of monetizing; now I just have to decide the best eCourse for me!

    • e-coursesxyz

      Go up top and get my free mini course on creating an eCourse. This will help guide you through the steps and before long you will have your own course.

  • Cindy Nicoletti

    Great list for Lifestyle Bloggers. I like everything you said.

    • e-coursesxyz

      Thank you.

  • Chloe

    I’ve actually been thinking about what sort of courses I could offer and I am loving all of these ideas! I really need to monetize my blog a bit more as well.

    • e-coursesxyz

      Glad I could help in some way.

  • David E

    I was curious what I would teach as a lifestyle blogger. It has given me some ideas with all of this. Thank you for your input.

    • e-coursesxyz

      Many lifestyle bloggers are in the same situation which is why I created this post. Hope it helps.

  • Kimberly Caines

    My blog doesn’t fall in the lifestyle category, but some of these points can apply to any blog. Very interesting post.

    • e-coursesxyz

      Very true because a lifestyle blog is a non-niche type of blog… rather it incorporates many different niche under one umbrella.

  • I used to call myself an inspirational and motivational blogger until sponsors added lifestyle in their application categories. Now I include that in my blog statement; It’s the best of all worlds in my opinion, just like a magazine.
    Honestly, I started my blog as a motivator for my staff at a former company and now I enjoy the creative outlet it offers. I love the freedom to explore a range of topics and so do my readers… I’m fine with that.
    After 20+ years as an educator, I choose to teach differently. Your tips have always been on my mind and I might still pursue that avenue. Just not now. 🙂

    • e-coursesxyz

      I have another blog besides this one where I share my journey into the Law of Attraction lifestyle and I wish there were a way for me to combine that blog with this one but it is what it is.

  • MsMadelyn

    Great ideas. I plan to definitely create an e-course.

    • e-coursesxyz

      Cool, its the best way IMO to monetize a blog. Grab my free mini course to help you get started… its in the tab at the top of the page.

  • I have two blogs: food and mommy blog. I don’t have any plans of turning it into a lifestyle blog but the e-course ideas sounds great.

    • e-coursesxyz

      I have 2 as well, this one which helps bloggers become better and a lifestyle blog based on my Law of Attraction lifestyle… You might want to check out my other post on eCourse ideas for mommy bloggers.

  • Leo T. Ly

    These are some awesome ideas. I read quite a few of these lifestyle blogs and sometimes I do feel pigeonholed when I write about personal finance. However, I feel that by focusing on a niche, I do have a few rewards. I get to learn a lot about money and it also help me too.

    • e-coursesxyz

      That’s true but it leaves little room for more personal interests like traveling or fitness… if you’re just starting out then I’d suggest adding some other options for your readers or if you’re already established your readers expect finance posts so maybe an additional blog would help.

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    Oooo so much great info here!!! I know so many bloggers making e-courses!!!

    • e-coursesxyz

      Yes, they are what’s hot right now.

  • This is great information. I never realized travel wasn’t a niche but a category in lifestyle blogging.

    • e-coursesxyz

      Actually, Travel is a niche it can also be a category within a Lifestyle blog which in itself is a non-niche specific blog. Lifestyle blogs incorporate several niches under one umbrella wich make them a favorite for some bloggers.