15 Awesome e-Course Platforms to Create and Sell your Course

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You’ve probably already decided on creating an e-course to share your knowledge and help others become experts in your chosen niche.  Now is the time to decide on which platform you want to host your course on.

You may be considering using a stand- alone Learning Management Service software in conjunction with a membership plugin and host your e-course on your own website like many professionals do but keep in mind that there is a huge learning curve to get through in order to find success.

A better option for those starting out is to choose a platform that provides nearly everything you would need to create great courses, market them, and sell them.  Below, I have listed 15 awesome ecourse platforms that you can research to find what would work best for you.

I say this is a better option because by using these types of platforms, you create your course, set up your marketing funnels, and then go on to another project because the platforms do everything for you including collecting payments.

I’m not endorsing any of the following e-course platforms because I have not had personal experience with all of them.  I chose Thinkific to create my course because of the zero cost start up.  I wanted to test it out and while there are other platforms that offer a zero or low cost start up, the Thinkific landing page sold me.


Here they are listed alphabetically and not by any type of rank:

  1. Academy of Mine                 Prices start at $199
  2. Coggno                                   Prices start at $0
  3. Course Craft                         Prices start at 5% of sales or $49/course
  4. Digital Chalk                         Prices start at $25
  5. EdLoud                                  Prices start at $99
  6. Educadium                           Prices start at $99
  7. Kunerango                           Prices start at $0
  8. Learn Worlds                       Prices start at $29
  9. New Kajabi                           Prices start at $129
  10. Pathwright                          Prices start at $19
  11. Rainmaker                          Prices start at $145
  12. Ruzuku                                Prices start at $75.75
  13. Sky Prep                             Prices start at $249
  14. Teachable                           Prices start at $39
  15. Thinkific                             Prices start at $0

I have visited each of these sites and researched each of their listed features.  Most of these have similar features but they all have what I’m looking for in a platform to teach my courses.  My courses implement video, audio, PowerPoint, quizzes and workbooks.

Another thing to look at when researching these sites is how they help you market your course.  Do they give you tips?  Do they have their own marketplace?  Do they put a spotlight on new courses?  Do they have an internal affiliate program?  For the most part, marketing your e-course will be your responsibility but the best platforms will help you form a partnership network.








  • There are so many factors into choosing one of these platforms. It gives me a headache! I’m glad that you have went through and researched on all of these platforms, it takes the headache out of it!

    • One thing I didn’t have time to research was their customer service and how each would handle issues for course instructors as well as students.

  • This is so helpful, thank you! I really appreciate it. I’ll have to check these out.

    • There really is a lot of similarities between all of these platforms, so for me it comes down to price.

  • Hyla @hylaandpeterechols.com

    I’ve heard these e courses have helped a lot of people grow their blogs. Breaking it down for us is so helpful!

    • They do… In fact, an ecourse is the trending way to monetize your blog.

  • JustOneMommysOpinion

    I know that as a blogger, I am continually taking courses to keep up with new things happening on the web. These are great references. Thanks!

    • Awesome, someday soon you should consider creating your own ecourse as a means to grow your blog traffic and income.

  • Sondra Barker

    Thank you for all this information! This is very informative for us bloggers, I will have to check a few of these out.


    • I hope so Sondra… It only takes a little research to determine which platform will meet your needs.

  • Milica Radoncic Ex Momcilovic

    This is a great list! I will definitely check them out as I really want to learn and improve my knowledge. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, I’m sure you will find one or more that works for you.

  • Awesome! I’d check each one to see what fits me.

    • Thanks, I’m sure you will find one that fits your needs.

  • Becca Wilson

    I never knew that there were so many places to sell an e-course. These all look so great.

    • Honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of these platforms plus platforms that allow you to create courses and host them directly from your own website or blog.

  • Brandi Kennedy

    I haven’t done any e-courses and hadn’t really planned on it, but I’m seeing a lot of stuff about them lately in the course of my daily reading. Maybe I’ll look into them a little further.

    • e-courses are trending and have been for a couple years now. They have become one of the best monetization methods for bloggers.

      • Brandi Kennedy

        I just feel like I wouldn’t even know what to do them on, even if I wanted to. I don’t feel like I can be a teacher, I guess.

        • I hear that and you share the same concerns that many bloggers have but isn’t a blog just a micro classroom where you are teaching your audience about your passion? You might be interested in my free email course on ecourse creation. You can grab it here : http://e-courses.xyz/free-mini-course/

  • Cindy Nicoletti

    I love your ideas. I see a lot of e courses for learning. Its a great way for new and old bloggers to get great ideas and learn.

    • They are a great way to build a community, establish your authority, and build a great revenue stream.

  • I have been rolling around the idea of developing an ecourse for a while now to help monetize my blog, but haven’t been sure how to put it together. Guess I need to start looking into this stuff! Subscribed for email updates!

    • I’m using Thinkific for now because of the no cost to get started but I’m in a FB group that swears by New Kajabi. I’m looking into it too but happy where I am for now.

  • David E

    This is a great thing to think about when developing instructional materials and wanting to put it out on the web. The list looks pretty comprehensive.

  • Mary Gardner

    Thanks for compiling a helpful list. I have only looked at a couple of these so now I have my work cut out for me to get info on the others and compare.

    • I’ve only listed the start up cost for each of these but it is worth the time to research each of them to determine a good fit.

  • rajee

    lot of great information very helpful