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E-Courses: A Share of a Blogger’s Online Income Strategy

I thought I’d bring a little inspiration to you all today by introducing you to several bloggers that have figured out how to leverage the use of e-courses in their online revenue strategies.  I should first point out that while an e-course can provide a big chunk of the bloggers income, it is only one piece of the overall strategy.

Most of the bloggers that I’m introducing below were gracious enough to openly and transparently share their monthly income reports.  I share social connections with a few of them and a few of them took the time to respond to my email request for information.  And others, I simply found on Google with a search for the keyword terms “2016 income report.”

Bloggers that have Figured IT Out


Melyssa Griffin

  • Melyssa Griffin of has had high 5 and 6 figure monthly incomes, much of it coming from her e-courses.  Her last income report in November, 2016 reports an income exceeding $140k and $114k of that is from her e-course sales.  I first became interested in e-courses as a stream of income after attending one of her webinars.

Abby Lawson

  • Abby Lawson of has reported a monthly income exceeding $40k with more than $6.5k of that coming from an e-course and eBook.  Her blog is a mix of lifestyle, organization tips, and blogging tips.


Michelle Shroeder-Gardner

  • Michelle Shroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents, a personal finance and lifestyle blog,  reported an income of $106,384 for the month of November, 2016 with more than $37k of that coming from the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing e-course.


Johnny FD

  • Johnny FD of blogs about his “journey as a location independent entrepreneur.”  He started out to be a professional fighter in Thailand and is now earning nice portion of his annual income from his e-courses on his blog ($20k+) and Udemy ($8k+)


Holly Johnson

  • Holly Johnson of Club Thrifty and a freelance writer, reported that her new e-course on freelance writing has earned over $25K in the month of September, 2016.  Her Club Thrifty  is a high traffic, personal finance blog.


Paul Scrivens


  • Paul Scrivens of has reported a monthly income exceeding $9k with just over $3k of that stemming from his e-courses.  This blog is aimed at helping other bloggers turn their blogs into a profitable business.



  • Kristin over at, a blog about budgeting, freelancing, and side hustles, reported a November, 2016 income exceeding $10k with just over $4k of that coming from e-course sales.


Gina Horkey

  • Gina Horkey is the owner of the Horky Hand Book where she blogs about freelancing (writing and other side hustles.)  She has a few e-course offerings right now where she is earning between 40% and 70% of her blog earnings from her e-courses.  Since launching her first e-course nearly 2 years ago, she has attracted just over 1500 students enrolled.  Gina has discovered that offering a free course is the magic bullet into her premium course enrollment funnel.

Things to Consider

These bloggers make it look easy but that’s because they have invested years and huge sums of money experimenting with what works and what doesn’t work with developing and promoting an e-course.  You should follow each of these bloggers to learn their secrets and tips if you want to mirror their success.

They each took different steps to achieve their goals.  For example, Melyssa Griffin launched her first course without having much of a list and places a large focus on webinars and Facebook ads, while Gina Horkey has discovered that a free mini-course and blog posts are what drives traffic through her enrollment funnel.

The point is, if you’re just starting out you need to find patience because if you take the time to learn the needs and concerns of your audience, you can craft a course that will Rock IT like the fantastic bloggers above.









  • Nice stuff buddy, glad to be featured =)

    • e-coursesxyz

      No problem… hopefully my readers will follow through to your site and learn from you as well.

  • Believe in a Budget

    Thanks so much for featuring my course! Lots of good looking courses here 🙂

    • e-coursesxyz

      Great to have you on the list and thank you for sharing your numbers with all of us.

  • Spectre Phang

    interesting info on successful blogger . Hope to emulate their success too

  • Susan Biddle

    Cool idea! I don’t think I would have the time to actually write one up right now. Maybe in the summer.

    • admin

      It’s something you would develop over time so a little input each day will add up quickly. An ecourse really is the best way to monetize a blog. It may not be the easiest but from this list of bloggers, you can see how profitable it is.

  • Ibraim Piñango

    Thanks for sharing this interesting info 🙂 Congrats to all!

  • Ruth Earley

    There’s some food for thought! Well done to all of the featured bloggers and thanks for sharing.

  • kaleesoreyfitnesscom

    This is so interesting, and I totally agree – it took a lot of time and effort for those bloggers to be successful. I know when someone is passionate and focused, they can be successful. I just followed a couple of the bloggers you mentioned to learn from them as well.

    • Awesome… I follow them all as well so we’ll probably overlap in some circles.

  • Heidi Schilling Fowler

    I see Melyssa’s facebook ads almost daily. That’s amazing that she’s doing so well. I love to see bloggers having success. I wish I could find the magical formula for my own success!

    • Melyssa is really rocking it… After I posted this she released her December income report where she doubled her November income… $284K for a single month.

  • Brandi Kennedy

    It’s amazing how much potential can be unlocked just by finding what people need and offering it to them. And you can truly monetize anything these days – which is so cool because it spreads the opportunity for independence down to the lowliest of our society, allowing everyone the chance to end in a better place than where they started.

    • It really is an awesome time we live in. I only regret not jumping on this a few years back when I first learned about ecourses.

  • I am impressed with all these bloggers and their e-courses. I will have to check some of these out because I’m always looking to grow and improve.

    • All the bloggers mentioned in this post have a different niche so you can see the opportunities are boundless.

  • Becca Wilson

    I never knew that there were this many e-courses out there. It’s amazing to see so many that are succeeding and willing to share their successes with others.

    • This is just a drop in the pool of successful bloggers that are using ecourses to earn a living or bloggers that share their income reports. They do it to inspire others to follow in their success.

  • Thi Ngo

    Surprisingly, many bloggers are offering e-courses to become successful as the one providing them are profiting from it as well. It’s a win-win situation!

    • Absolutely, ecourses are the number one method of monetizing a blog.

  • Experimenting to find what works is definitely the way to go about it. Or at least that is how I am working on it… if nothing else, I’m learning so much and having fun doing it lol.

    • Can’t go wrong with experimenting, You have to find what works for you.

  • Deb

    Blogging is such a journey. While courses are great, being true to yourself is key.

    • You are correct and I think you can find a balance, especially if you want to turn your passion for blogging into your source of income without making it feel like work.

  • This was very interesting and so inspirational. I think “I want to learn more”.

    • Follow me or some of these other great bloggers mentioned in the post. I blog about how to create successful ecourses and you might want to check out successful bloggers in your niche.

  • KokosSecrets

    wow that’s interesting and i’m def reading some of those courses to improve my blog and incomes

    • Good for you… It is always best to follow those that are proving success in your niche.

  • Sondra Barker

    This is an interesting read. I think we can all take some parts of each and improve the way we use our blogs. This makes me want to learn more. Thank you!

    • So true… It is great that we can learn from each other especially from people that are transparent in their earnings.

  • Cindy Nicoletti

    I think you can never learn enough and there is always something new to learn. Great ideas on classes.

    • I think you’re right which makes this even more awesome for bloggers.

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    Very good post with lots of useful information! Thank you so much for sharing this! I hope to become a successful blogger as well.

  • Very useful information. We have been looking into online courses. We are hoping to be successful as well!

    • Thank you and you certainly have a niche that could be useful in educating especially us meat eaters.

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    I have always thought about going to e course route!! You really do have to have a really unique spin on things though because the market is filled with people hoping to be the next 6 figure income earner

    • With all the choices out there, nobody has learned anything from your own perspective and experiences. Everyone has different experiences and your followers follow you because they can relate to your experiences. Make sense?