40 Top Mommy Blogs to Help You Learn to Earn

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Do you have a mommy blog?

Do you identify yourself as a mommy blogger?  When you started your blog you probably wanted to share your journey through motherhood to help other new moms, am I right?

You probably also heard that you can make a lot of money as a mommy blogger, but did you know that just in America there are over 4 million mom bloggers?

The sad reality is that the vast majority of those mommy bloggers aren’t earning a single dime so they quit and another new mom takes her place.

You really can beat the statistics but you have to make some changes.  You have to set some goals, and you have to learn how to blog the way the top mommy bloggers are doing it.

Bare with me, I have some good info to share with you and below this I am listing the top 40 mommy blogs and you’ll see why if you read through this post.

Make some changes

I know, it’s easier said than done but if you’re not earning any money or enough money then what do you have to lose?

Your first posts were probably a bunch of pictures and talk about the silly things your child was doing on a particular day.  That’s normal as you want people to know how excited or hard it is to walk a day in your shoes as a mom.

The problem is most people that read mommy blogs are other moms and even though they’re having similar experiences, you’re not solving any problems they might have.

You need to determine who you are writing for.  Who is your content there to serve? As much as you probably want, you can’t be all things to all people.

Don’t blog about you.  Write your posts by telling a story or place yourself in an analogy to help someone solve a problem or reach a goal that you personally struggled with.  Frame your posts around your target audience and you’ll hit the mark.

Have a Plan and Set some Goals

You’re probably all too familiar with the idea that you’ll get some writing done when the kids are napping or after dinner and the family is in bed.  How is that working out for you?

Yes, I know motherhood is a 24/7 job and time is the most valuable commodity and is rarely traded so that you can relax and come up with a post during nap time. The key is to have a plan.  You’ve probably heard about other bloggers making up a content calendar and how it is an important component in your blogging tool box.

Some people come up with a yearlong content calendar but I never look that far ahead, I like to plan out 3 months at a time with a physical planner like this one.

Not only do you need to schedule out your content but you will also need to schedule out your social media sharing and promotion.

With a schedule in place, you will have the advantage of knowing exactly what you’re going to blog about on a certain day.  This means you can better monetize your posts with affiliate links that will truly benefit your reader and add value to your post.

But before you make a plan you really need to define your goals.  Make a list of goals you would like to reach for the next month or 3 months.  For example:

  1. I want to grow my social media followers by 100 on each platform.
  2. I want to grow my subscriber list by 100.
  3. I want to write X number of posts each week.
  4. I want to write 3 guest posts this month.
  5. I want to pitch 3 brands this month.
  6. I want to earn $1000 from my blogging efforts by next month.

If you define attainable goals it is much easier to draft a plan to reach those goals.  Without goals, you’re just spitting into the wind.

Add Value for Your Audience

Don’t just rehash what everyone else is writing about.  Make sure you tell a story through your own experience.

Be different by creating great graphics that people will want to share on Pinterest.  Make use of free to use stock photos on sites like Pixabay and edit them on sites like Canva.

Teach your audience new tips, tricks, and lifehacks.  You can and should create an ecourse on something you’re passionate about.  An ecourse will drive traffic to your site and can provide you with a very good stream of income.

You’re probably thinking, “I don’t know what to teach” but I have you covered.  In this post, I discuss just how a mommy blogger can come up with ideas for an ecourse.    Then head over and grab my free ecourse on how to create an ecourse.

Time to build and drive traffic and be part of the blogging community

Remember earlier that I mentioned there are roughly 4 million other mommy bloggers out there?  It’s not realistic to think you could network with each of them and you don’t have to.  You only need to reach the influencers, which there are roughly 500 of them out there.

You don’t even have to reach out to all the influencers although a good handful could help.  And by reaching out I mean go to their blogs, comment on their posts, share their posts, and link to their posts from within your own blog posts, exactly like I did with the Pixaban and Canva links above.

You’ll want to find at least 10 top blogs in your niche, comment on their previous 5 or 10 posts with relevant and helpful remarks that add to the conversation.  Subscribe to their RSS feed so you can be one of the first to comment on their new posts. Be helpful in the comments.  Ask and answer questions.

If the blogger uses a different commenting service than the one that is on your blog then when you leave a comment it will normally ask you for a name, email address, and a URL.  Instead of leaving your first and last name, start formatting your name the way I do:  Richard @ (name of blog) and then the URL will hyperlink to that.

Doing this will give other readers an idea of who you are and where you blog even before they click through.  It actually gives them more incentive to click through.

Next, you want to follow those bloggers on the social media that you have in common.  Share, like, and comment on their social media posts.  Be sure to let them know that you have commented on a post on their blog.  The sense of reciprocity kicks in and you may get some comment karma in return.

After a couple weeks of doing this, you can reach out to them through email and offer to write a guest post.  If they accept, you’ll get the opportunity to siphon some of their huge traffic back to your blog.  If they don’t accept, don’t fret, there are plenty of others that will.

The Big List of Top Mommy Bloggers (Ranked by their Alexa score as of this publication date)

I’ve searched for the most popular blogs that fall into the Mommy Blog category.  As you will see, none of these bloggers talk about themselves in every post.

They solve problems or suggest solutions to common concerns.  They offer advice on family travel, schooling and homeschooling, wardrobe and style for busy parents, life and career hacks, and a myriad of other topics other than little Timmy’s day at the playground.

I recently read that some bloggers hate that they are defined or lumped into the singular category of mommy blogger and I can understand that.  These bloggers may have started out as many other mom blogs have but children grow and bloggers grow.

I just wanted to say that and it is not my intention to offend any of these bloggers.  It’s just that when I did a Google Search and Alexa search for “mommy bloggers” these were the top selections.

Here they are:

Name and URL of Blog Alexa rank as of this publishing (Feb, 2017)
Cafe Mom 3716
The Pioneer Woman 11436
Scary Mommy 14099
A Cup of Jo 36538
Money Saving Mom 57318
Mommy Poppins 63086
Dallas Moms Blog 103473
Cool Mom Picks 105857
Working Mother 119065
Moms Who Think 127506
The Bloggess 128831
Your Modern Family 173050
Family Focus Blog 199001
Mom Blog Society 216772
Mom Dot 228803
5 Minutes for Mom 229146
Oh So Amelia 242569
Free Range Kids 246801
A Moms Take 261547
Tales of a Ranting Ginger 263845
Pregnant Chicken 271811
Pretty Prudent 282483
Clarks Condensed 295447
All Things Mama 314074
Mamavation 314218
Mummy Daddy Me 357303
Dooce 380785
80 MPH Mom 393074
You Baby Me Mummy 394128
A Mother Far From Home 423166
Shop with me Mama 446106
The Taylor House 446349
Rookie Moms 461703
Parenting Chaos 481701
Pulling Curls 483106
Honest Mum 488181
Beauty Through Imperfection 497226
Thrifty Nifty Mommy 521722
Mamas Losin It 549268
Moments a Day 569490


If you come across a mom blog that has an Alexa rank lower than the ones above or has a massive social media following and traffic, please share it in the comments below and you might want to contact that blogger and let them know you mentioned them in this post.

Also, if you run a mommy blog, feel free to tell me about it in the comments below.




  • Robin Rue

    I am a mom, but I am not a mommy blogger. I will check out some of the moms on your list.

    • e-coursesxyz

      Many moms that blog tend to start out as mommy bloggers but then evolve into lifestyle bloggers to share more of their interests.

  • Vanessa

    This is helpful! Thank you! I am a mom blogger and will be checking out your list and tips! I’m still new at blogging so every article helps!

    • e-coursesxyz

      When you can add comments to top blogs in your niche you can also attract some of that blogs readers back to your own blog. Make sure to leave a URL when asked or if in a commenting service like this, leave a URL in the comments as long as it adds value to the discussion… ie.. “I had a similar experience and posted it about here” then leave the url to the post.

      • Vanessa

        Thank you for the advice! I will begin commenting on more of the bigger bloggers in my niche!

  • Jessica Taylor

    I am a mom blogger and these are FANTASTIC tips!

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      Thank you… hope you find the list useful.

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      You’re welcome, hope you can find some benefit from them.

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      Great… good luck with your blogging.

  • Jodie Whitham

    Some great tips for mom bloggers! I haven’t got children, but think some can be applied to other bloggers 🙂 x

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      Oh yes… many mom blogs eventually become lifestyle blogs which are very similar except for the confines of being pigeonholed to motherhood.

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      Great… hope you find them useful.

  • These are fantastic tips for helping you grow your blog. I have learned a lot about blogging over the last year and setting goals is my biggest push to do better. I want to be on that top 40 list soon!

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      If you run a mom blog then you’re more than welcome to add a link your blog here in the comments.

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      Obviously I’m not a mom either but even I find value and learn from these bloggers.

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      Competitions is the name of the game and there is tons of it for almost any niche. The key is to find your core group of followers and convert them to your tribe.

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      Thank you and you’re right. Many of these tips can cross niche boundaries.

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    It’s interesting to see someone doing a blog post geared towards a blogging community! It just speaks loudly that most bloggers are mommy bloggers. Well it seems like that to me, lol! Great tips and will definitely keep them in mind!

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      There are certainly a lot of mommy bloggers out there and just as many lifestyle bloggers and these are the types of bloggers I want to reach out to and help grow.

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      That’s right.. your readers come to your blog because of an implied promise you make so it is up to you to deliver on that promise.

  • Jazz (@jazzontherun)

    Excellent and informative advice/tips!! I’m a mom who is new to blogging. Not sure if I’d fall under mommy blogger or lifestyle blogger, etc. But I found this very helpful. I definitely aim to ‘teach’ something through my posts no matter what it is so that readers have something to take away from it.

    • e-coursesxyz

      They are pretty similar in style, one just focuses on life through the eyes of motherhood and the other focuses on life through the eyes of a particular interest being a mom is a bonus.

  • Nikki Nurtures

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