40 Lifestyle Blogs to Help you Learn to Earn

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Do you have a Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog is a non-niche blog, or rather it is a blog that incorporates several niche categories as they are seen through the bloggers unique point of view.

These kinds of blogs are really hard to define or lump into one group because they can be a mix of just about anything that is important to the person writing the blog.

Some common categories include food, travel, health, fitness, relationships, beauty, style, writing, entertainment, and so on.  The options are endless which makes lifestyle blogging so attractive.

Having so many options also presents some obstacles the blogger must overcome such as attracting a dedicated audience. 

How is it working out for you?

I know you came here looking for the 40 top Lifestyle blogs to follow and I promise if you stick with me you’ll finds some value in my words.  If not, the list is below the rest of this post.

Many people who have a Lifestyle blog started out with something else in mind.  Your idea was probably more niche focused but then found out that a singular niche put limits on your creativity and aspirations for your blog.

A Lifestyle blog opens up so many more opportunities to share your passions through your unique point of view.  That is, we all see things from our own perspectives, such as a southern gentleman like myself, caugh-caugh!

Or, you may see things through the eyes of a fitness guru, a horse rancher, an urban college student, or an empty-nester, and so many other lenses.

The most important thing as a lifestyle blogger is to focus on telling your story through your unique voice.  It is so important to make a plan and keep to a schedule.  You can find many blogging schedule templates online but I prefer a hard copy planner because I don’t like bouncing around screens or open tabs.  It just makes it easier for me, but that’s my unique view, yours is probably different.

Set some goals

  • Plan to post 2 -3 times per week.
  • Post holiday or special event posts a few weeks in advance to allow them to mature in the search engines.
  • Comment on other blogs in your niche at least 10 times per day with relevant words that add value to the conversation.
  • Share your post once to each of your social networks as soon as the post is published.
  • Follow the 5-3-2 rule for sharing on social networks. Basically, out of every 10 posts you share, 5 of them should be from other people (curated content) that is relevant to your niche or topic you’re working on.  3 of the posts should be your own content, and 2 of them should be something fun so your followers know you’re human and not a machine.
  • Follow up on all comments and social shares.
  • Spend at least 30 minutes each day reading the top lifestyle blogs. Subscribe to their RSS feed so you get notifications to your RSS Reader and can be one of the first to comment on or share their content.
  • Build relationships with other bloggers above your level and below your level.
  • Guest post on higher level blogs and allow lower level blogs to guest post on your blog.

Ready for the list?

As promised, I’m listing 40 top Lifestyle blogs where you can follow and pick up some great tips to apply to your own lifestyle blog.

These blogs are listed in order of their Alexa rank as of this writing date in March of 2017.  I personally visited each of these blogs and can say they are top notch in design and style. 

Apartment Therapy


The Wellness Mama


A Cup of Jo


A Beautiful Mess


The Every Girl   


Tone it Up






Cupcakes and Cashmere


Camille Styles   


A Pair & A Spare




Pink Peonies


The Skinny Confidential


He Spoke Style


Modern Hiker


Elements of Style


In the Frow


Julie Blanner


The Lean Green Bean


Unfinished Man


Reading My Tea Leaves


Homey Oh My


Life With Me


Wish Wish Wish


House of Harper              


Tracy’s New Your Life


Hannah Gale


Camels & Chocolate


The Balanced Blonde


The Stripe


Apartment 34


Shine by Three


Paris in Four Months


Exile Lifestyle


Virtually Yours


This is My Happiness




Purely Twins


Creative Green Living



Like I mentioned, these are listed by their Alexa ranking at the time of this writing.  Alexa is not the be-all end-all in determining the value of a blog.  Look at their social reach, the higher the better.  So, when you’re ready to make a guest post, look for blogs that accept guest posts and have a large social network.

If you have or come across a top ranking lifestyle blog then feel free to add a link to it down in the comments and if you start a blogger relationship with any on this list, be sure to let them know how you found them.  Share the love.

  • Robin Rue

    There is a lot of great information here. I always thought I knew what I was doing, but definitely learned a few things today.

    • e-coursesxyz

      Thanks and I’m sure you know what your’re doing it just helps when a friendly reminder can provide some inspiration.

  • Alexandra Moresco

    All of these are so helpful in their own way! Thank you for compiling such a great list!!

    <3 Al + Lex

    • e-coursesxyz

      You’re welcome and I hope you can find some real value from the list.

  • I’ll have to check these out! I do write a lifestyle blog and my goal is to always write 2-3 posts a week!

    • e-coursesxyz

      I run 2 blogs, this one and a lifestyle blog based on the Law of Attraction. It can be hard to keep up without goals and a plan.

  • Great list! I will check some of them out. You also gave good tips on planning. I try posting one new article daily. I As soon as they are live I do my social shares. I regularly engage with other bloggers through comments, sharing articles and such. My blog is Fashion / Lifestyle but am dedicating far more time as of late to empowerment and enlightenment posts. It is where my heart is at. I also write about pets, and other topics. You are right it can be hard to find a solid following but I would not change what I write about unless I personally want to. Blogs are personal. Unlike websites that are usually geared toward a single purpose. Take away what the blogger enjoys writing about and the heart is gone.

    • e-coursesxyz

      Very true… I’m a writer at heart and always have been. I mentioned below that I have 2 blogs but I also freelance articles for clients as well as publish my own on other sites. This blog is to help bloggers become better writers, bloggers and ecourse instructors. My other blog is all about my Law of Attraction lifestyle.

  • Aish Padihari

    Amazing list. Saving it for myself and going to share with friends as well.

    • e-coursesxyz

      Thank you very much.

  • Ashley Rose

    Very good tips even for people that have a niche.

    • e-coursesxyz

      Yea and like I said, a lifestyle blog is just a combination of several niche categories under one umbrella.

  • Content consistency is key. We’ve been doing 6 posts per week for years and it pays off with the traffic.

    • e-coursesxyz

      That’s amazing. I wish I could keep up a pace like that but with 2 blogs, a few freelance clients, and articles I post on other sites, I still need time to promote all of this. I think soon I’ll be looking into how a VA could help.

  • Sondra Barker

    It is so true, very important to be consistent! Not only that but something you said which I completely agree with is building relationships with other bloggers to help support one another.

    • e-coursesxyz

      We get more out of our blogs when we network and build solid relationships with other bloggers that share similar interests.

  • Benita Makachi

    Interesting tips. Consistency and good content are very vital. Solid list you put together.

    • e-coursesxyz

      Being consistent is key but also keeping your unique voice.

  • Ra’Nesha Wilson

    Interesting tips, but no Blogger or blog is the same the goal should be unique content and having a niche. Never compare yourself to other Bloggers.

    • e-coursesxyz

      A lifestyle blog is non-niche whish is what makes them attractive. Yes, it’s harder to attract a loyal following but those that share your interest will want updates to certain categories.

  • We are an experienced blogger but there is a lot of things that I still have to work through. Anyways, everyday is a continous learning process and our experience is the best teacher we can have. Thanks for this post, I still learn a lot from this.

    • e-coursesxyz

      I say the same thing and try to learn something new everyday.

  • I’m a new lifestyle blogger and have checked out a few on the list you mentioned. I’m just starting out, but when I was thinking of the main thing I wanted to stick to, I couldn’t pick just one. This way I can still be successful blogging about several different subjects (in my case, travel, work/school, and my life)!

    | diaryofasouthernmillennial.com

    • e-coursesxyz

      Absolutely, a lifestyle blogger shouldn’t be confined to a singular niche, your life doesn’t revolve around a singular hobby so neither should your blog.

  • Sara Scaramellini

    I am just a new blogger, these examples are truly inspiring to me!

    • e-coursesxyz

      That was the point. Good luck with your blogging.

  • sauumye

    This is such an amazing list. I have been following Elements of Style for a while & I like it. Also I didn’t know about the 5:3:2rule, so thanks for sharing that.

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    Ooooo so many awesome blogs to check out!!!! I know what I’m doing later!!!

  • Samantha Broyles

    What a great list! There are so many that are awesome on here!

  • Make your holiday or special events post several weeks prior to the date is a great tip. Who is going to look at a Valentine’s post on Valentines Day? Not many people I suspect. Thanks, hopefully I’ll make your list one day. 🙂

  • Jim

    I love the resources. Thank you for sharing.

  • Michelle Kneece Waller

    I have checked out a few of these and they are some of my favorites. I will have to check more out on this list.